Can You Sit with Yourself?

Can You Sit with Yourself and Accept WHO YOU ARE?

Accept Your Anxiety

Beating anxiety takes time believe me I know. It has taken me over 26 years to defeat it. I have and you can too. The first thing you need to realize and Accept is that YOU HAVE ANXIETY and that’s ok. It is ok to have anxiety and you want to know why? Everyone has anxiety in their life.

What your dealing with is a level of anxiety that is troublesome. Everyone has unnecessary worry from time to time. People like us just have it more often. In my case it was every second of everyday. You just have to learn to accept it.

The most difficult part to Accepting your anxiety is that you can’t fight it anymore. You have to realize that it will be apart of your life until you stop not trying to have anxiety. You have its there it’s a learned behavior that you have to unlearn.

This becomes easier and easier every time your acceptance level grows. If you have a big project coming up. You know your going to get anxious, you know that there will be doubt. Accept that, don’t worry about it. This will be an easy way to move that out of the way and focus on what you need to do.

Accepting your anxiety into your daily life will be the best way to move forward. How do we accept our anxiety?

Your acceptance of anxiety starts with you and you alone. Will you be able to handle your own thoughts? Can you sit in your own thoughts for 10 minutes alone? Can you be there in the moment long enough to dig deep enough to realize what is bothering you?

I know you can. It took me a long time to be able to do this. If I can do this anyone can. Now how do you go about accepting anxiety.

  1. Start with 5 minutes alone. Make sure you can sit in a quite room alone. No Phone, No TV, no distractions. Just sit with your thoughts for 5 minutes. Take your inventory of your thoughts. Is your mind racing? Are you calm? Are you looking for something to do? Can you think about what is bothering you in your life? Are you anxious?
  2. If this goes well take it out to 10 minutes and introduce deep breathing. Slow in through your mouth 5 seconds, breathing into your belly. Hold for 4 seconds and slow you of your mouth for 8 seconds. Pay attention to this as much as you can. Anything that enters your head just let them float by.
  3. After your done get your bearings about you and write. Write anything that comes to your head. Just write. It doesn’t have to have a purpose just put your thoughts on paper. When your done. Read your notes. Read what you were thinking about and try to put it together. Remember no holding back. Your thoughts are not who you are your actions are. Please believe I have had some thoughts that make me sick. That’s ok, there is no thought police, only action police.
  4. At this point you should be starting to understand yourself. When you put your thoughts out there in the open even if its only for you to see. You will begin to gain understanding of who you are. What is deep in your subconscious.
  5. ACCEPT Everything about yourself. Accept your thoughts, feelings, Good sides and bad. Now begin to work on what you need to change. This is the acceptance of who you are. Including your anxiety, your thoughts, good or bad.

I hope this helps. Please feel free to provide feedback to me. Either on twitter @jayanxious, my website,, or email me. I appreciate you taking time. Keep working one yourself and good things will happen.


Jay Anxious

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