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Welcome to Jay Anxious consulting. What this is designed to do is to get you talking about what’s going on with you. This could be anything. We can talk about anxiety, panic attacks or just life in general. Whatever it takes to get you on the right track. 


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Latest from

  • (6/9/2020)

    Can You Sit with Yourself?

    by Jay Anxious Can You Sit with Yourself and Accept WHO YOU ARE? Accept Your Anxiety Beating anxiety takes time believe me I know. It has taken me over 26 years to defeat it. I have and you can too. The first thing you need to realize and Accept is that YOU HAVE ANXIETY and that’s ok. It is ok to have anxiety and you want to know… [...] Keep Reading
  • (5/27/2020)

    Why Diet and Exercise is Important to Mental Health:

    by Jay Anxious Diet and Exercise alone can change you for the better. [...] Keep Reading

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